J Malcolm Dean FIRFP, FFA, FIAB recently retired has the Chief Executive of the International Association of Book-keepers and the Institute of Financial Accountants, positions he had held for the past twelve years. He was responsible for the development of both professional bodies in the UK and overseas.

To assist this development he has worked and co-operated with government departments, other professional bodies, employers and business organisations. He was on the Executive Committee of PARN (Professional Associations Research Network) Steering Group, which is a top-level academic association serving the full range of professions across the UK and abroad.

As well as colleges and training providers in the UK, Malcolm Dean has worked and been involved with many in other countries around the world, notably in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Russia.

Since 1998 Malcolm has been actively involved, and continues to work, in the development of the Accountancy profession in the Russian Federation and the Baltic States – Estonia and Latvia. He speaks regularly at workshops and seminars in the region on the globalisation of the profession. In addition he speaks and attends the International Accounting Forums held in the Kremlin in Moscow which are held twice a year. He has been honoured several times at the forum with “Awards” for his work in the Russian Federation in assisting the Russian Accountancy profession to deal with transparency and corruption within the new and developing market economy, and the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards.

In addition he was consulted by the Accounting Society of China (which is part of the Ministry of Finance of the Peoples Republic of China), in the development an accounting qualifications framework for accountants. The agreement is to assist in the development of an accounting and qualifications framework for Accountants working in the emerging small and medium size enterprises in China that have resulted from the change in the market economy.
He has considerable experience of developing qualifications suitable for small and medium size enterprises, and looking at their training needs, working with the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) who are the standards setting organisation of "National Standards" for small firms in the UK. He was a member of the Awarding Bodies Forum of SFEDI.  In addition Malcolm represented the IAB on the Awarding Bodies Forum of the Accounting National Training Organisation (ANTO), and many other advisory boards.

Prior to becoming Chief Executive of the IFA he spent 26 years in the retail automotive industry, and was involved in developing and improving Management Accounting Reporting Systems for the industry working with one of the major car manufacturers, which assisted the improvement of the financial management for the dealership network. When he left the industry he was the Managing Director of a small group of companies having operational responsibility for three car dealerships, two petrol stations, and a motor accessory and repair centre.

In his “retirement” he continues to work on the development of Financial Planning and Accountancy qualifications in the new developing market economies particularly in China and the Russian Federation.